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Duncan Pace also known as Vulturem as a dj stage name a 38 year old male began his journey in djing around a year ago. Although music was in his thoughts he didnít knew which way he had to choose to express himself and it was with the help of an advert radio broadcasting djing courses that something had triggered and this time a serious action was taken to fulfill his dream.

After contacting various local stable dj artists Cathy K accepted to be his mentor and so April 2021 was marked as the beginning of this superb journey. During this course ups and downs were encountered but with mental determination music was the healing answer. Even when health issues occurred and he wanted to quit music it was still secretly strong in his heart, mind and soul and after that he never looked back.

Then came the name Vulturem meaning vulture in latin language cause in life you always have to aim high on what you want to achieve. Nowadays three important words are his believes and must always be kept in mind I CAN, I WILL, I MUST believing always in what you are doing.

Duncan believes that once you meet music it is something difficult to let you go. In fact though progressive house remains his forte there are various categories that are quite interesting to play such melodic house, tech house, techno and trance. Also music leaves you with curiousity to explore more and more what it has to offer. This is the beginning of a long road with a never ending end
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Airs Every Sunday
Next Episode: July 3rd, 6pm (in 3 days)
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