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Axel Hernán Zambrano, better known as his stage name Axel Zambrano. Born on December 20, 1995 in Córdoba, Argentina. Current age 25 years.
At the age of 15 he was influenced by music and instruments that over the years, began to lean towards electronic music. At the age of 20, he became interested in mixing, enveloping, melodic sounds and groove. Over time, he achieved his fusion of Progressive House & Melodic Techno.
Thanks to his performance, he was able to play in various places such as Alta Gracia, Villa María, Villa Allende, Villa General Belgrano, Mina Clavero, Cosquin, La Pampa, Neuquén and in different places in Córdoba Capital.
He is part of the record labels Freegrant Music, Univack Records, Natura Viva, Another Life Music, Polyptych Music, BC2, Balkan Connection South America, Transensatios Records, Stranger Beats, PHW Elements, Uxoa Dutxa Elite, Balkan United, Droid9 Limited, Droid9 South America , Superordinate Music, Aletheia Recordings, Mystic Carousel Records, Estribo Records and Elastic Dimension Records.
In the course of his career, to share a booth with different local Dj Producers such as: Ezequiel Arias, Julian Nates, Fabri López, Sergio Saffe, Rigz, Martin Huergo, The Sirius, Marce del Boca, Leo Sayon, Evegrem, Sommo and among others . Thus he also managed to participate in events with international djs: Kurt Heisz (Andorra), Andrea Perini (Italy)
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