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Cris Rosales is a Dj and Producer born in Buenos Aires, the city that gave him his musical training and inspiration.
At only 23 years old, he has gained a lot of knowledge about the world of production and djing, all this in a self-taught way.
He has been influenced by artists such as Mariano Mellino, Robert R. Hardy, Martin García, Cid Inc., Khen, Antrim and many other exponents of House and its derivatives.
Both his tracks and his sets tend to focus on sounds and melodic atmospheres with a lot of groove.
His productions have the support of international artists such as Diego Berrondo, Christian Monique, Evegrem, Teelco, Eze Colombo, and many more.
He has edited at Ambber Records (Argentina) / AH Digital (Belgium) / Droid9 South America (United States / Argentina).
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Airs Every 1st Tuesday
Next Episode: May 4th, 6pm (in 2 weeks)
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