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L Georges, artistic name of Leandro Georges, is a Progressive House DJ/producer in Brazil, who united the passion for music and instruments in his favorite hobby.
With an unfolding career and a lot of influence from his favorite Progressive House and Progressive Trance artists like Yudi Watanabe, André Moret, Hernan Cattaneo, and Phaxe, L Georges always seeks diversity in his tracks that are accompanied by complex engaging atmospheres and contagious melodies that result in a combination of unique sensations for your listeners.
Although L Georges' career is just beginning, he released tracks on major labels such as Mango Alley, BC2 Records, Massive Harmony Records, Soundteller Records, and has future contracts for this year 2020 on AH Digital, BC2 Records, and Green Snake Records.
Hosted show on TM Radio


Airs Every 4th Friday
Next Episode: December 24th, 11pm (in 2 weeks)
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