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his productions (records) have come to the attention of names such as:

Danny Tenaglia, Chus&Ceballos, PeaceDivision, X-press2, Steve Lawler, John Creamer & Stephan K, Tom Stephan, Peter Rauhofer, Boy George, Satoshi Tomiie, DJ Vibe,etc...

Chus & Ceballos-Iberican sound Vol 3-stereo
Dimas aka Diformation-Dieametric-Beat Freak(sp)
Pete tha zouk Vs De Loren Colours-from the box-Stereo Productions(SP)
Joe T Vannelli -Supalova Club 6-Venus (Italy)
DJ Vibe GlobalGrooves Vol.2 -Kaos rec. (Portugal)
John Creamer & Stephan K-Bedrock (u.k.)
Steve Lawler-Dark Drums 2-Tide rec (u.k.)
Claudio Coccoluto-The Dome-Morbido (Spain)
Private Party 2-Universal (France)
Nouvelle discoteque-Universal (Japan)
Amnesia-La Noce-Edel (u.k.,Spain)

Luca Ricci feat. M.Hernandez "una historia de amor"-MO-DO (italy)
When is dark"the love you need"-Renaissance(UK)-Stereo(Spain)-re-voX(Italy),kaos
Against the Grain "Further"-Screen rec (italy) harmada (holland)
Aenaria "set me free"-Stereo (spain)
Against the Grain "the mask"-Screen rec (italy)
Against the grain "seven" -Low Pressing (u.k.)
Luca Ricci "the inside that counts" -Dub Tronic,Age one (italy,u.k.)
Luca Ricci feat.G.Bardouille"deep inside my soul"-The dub(italy)
Luca Ricci feat.G.Bardouille" Happy ever after" �Rodriguez(u.k.)
Vibe Junction"La dolce Vita"- Harlequin rec (U.s.a.)
Rob Long ep "the bass goes on " �EIII(italy)
Eugenie"My sunshine"-Abc (u.k.)

Jennifer Lopez"Ain't it funny" -SONY (u.k.,U.S.A.)
Frenkie Carbone"Everybody"- Rossemberg (u.k.)
3th Face "il canto della liberta'"- Dirty house(italy)
Sugar Shake feat Warren"ten besic elements"- Tonik ind.rec (italy,u.k.)
Cat Stevens "old skool"-SONY(u.k)
Benefit "sex sells"- Edel u.k.
P.I.M.P"it's gonna be allright"-Molto rec (italy)
S.S. ep "in the sky"- Karma rec (italy)
Real Vibe feat. Serao" loving you"- Undiscovered(u.k)

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