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D.O.T coined from the phrase “Dictionary of Talent” aims to provide DJs with a platform where they can play the set they always wanted to play there by committing to staying truly underground to its dance floor family.

we at D.O.T [India] plan to start with our weekly mix series. Just to keep the music loud and alive with our special guest Djs LOCAL + INTERNATIONAL Live at TM-RADIO every weekends (Saturday)

Please follow our FB page for more details.

FB/ www.facebook.com/wearedot.in
INSTA/ www.instagram.com/dotindia_
Email/ wearedotindia@gmail.com
Hosted show on TM Radio

D.O.T [India] Radio

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on August 1st, 2020 and new episodes were coming out until January 23rd, 2021. A total of 24 episodes of D.O.T [India] Radio has aired on TM Radio.
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