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Rafael Zorzolli Nebel a.k.a Forest Weed start his music career as dj at 2006, playing psytrance and progressive tracks. shortly thereafter, determined to devote himself fully to music he started to study about music production and all universe of composing. Since end of 2012 hes focused his career on productions, starting officially the project called Forest Weed. Rafa still play in sporadic events and now improving his music skills studying composition at university. As DJ, Rafael show his audacity taste playing eclectic sets with innovative sounds and feeling mixes, giving to the public an unique experience. As producer Rafael is creating wild, psychedelic and very original works, many collaborations with renamed artists and receiving strong support around the globe. His music are doing released by labels like Astrowave, Awen Records, Abstract Space Records, AH Digital, Bosphorus Underground, BQ Recordings, Bullfinch, Cloudy Moon Records, Deepersense Music, Emotional Content, Estribo Recordings, Flemcy Music, Hands in The Air, Hungry Koala Records, Mystic Carousel Records, OLD SQL Recordings, PHW Elements, Pineapple Digital, Sonika Music, Superordinate Music, Suffused Music, Stellar Fountain, Spliced Vinyl Recordings, Zephyr Music, WaitAudio, 3xA Music & some more...
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Airs Every 3rd Saturday
Next Episode: February 19th, 9pm (in 3 weeks)
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