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DJ FLASH was born and raised in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. As a child he was a good student but never had any musical abilities or a wish to gain any knowledge about music. Flash almost never participated in any school musical activities nor was he a school DJ. His passion for music started later at the age of 13 when he discovered bands like MASTERBOY, DJ BOBO, MR. PRESIDENT, SCATMAN JOHN and others. He started to collect dance records. Then the interest grew and finally Sergey discovered the art of DJ'ing. Being in 9 grade of the school he gains access to proper DJ equipment and learns how to spin on CD players. After getting deeper into the clublife Flash school grades took a dive but his interest in music was never greater. In the summer of 1998 he goes to Russian capitol Moscow to buy DJ equipment of his own. Upon his arrival back to Krasnoyarsk Flash got invitations from several clubs. In 1999 in collaboration with one of the hometown DJ's Flash opens a radio show about dance music on one of the local FM stations. In the same time he releases mixes on audio tapes which are being sold on the territory of Krasnoyarsk state. As one of the most well known DJ's of Krasnoyarsk Flash never felt that this is enough and in the year 2000 he finally decides to move to Moscow. In the years coming he had a lot of success on Moscow dance scene and was performing at many clubs of the city. Besides his Moscow appearances Flash actively tours Russian and foreign cities. The list includes many from Kaliningrad to Iuzhno-Sakhalinsk. And also London, Munich and Stokholm. In 2001 becomes a resident of Moscow electronic label "IQ MUSIC" in which roster he was until summer of 2002 but then left when label manager and Sergey own beliefs clashed. For the period of 1999 to 2006 DJ Flash released 24 compact discs with mixes. At first those were trance compilations but then his focus shifted to progressive house and breaks. Favorite DJ's and producers are SASHA, JOHN DIGWEED, DANNY HOWELLS, STEVE LAWLER, DEEP DISH, SATOSHI TOMIIE, BT, HYBRID etc. Favorite styles are PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, TRIBAL, TECH-HOUSE, BREAKS. Flash played alongside with NICK WARREN, BREEDER, QUIVVER, RED JERRY, ANTHONY PAPPA, DANNY HOWELLS, CIRCULATION, SATOSHI TOMIIE, CHRIS FORTIER, TARRENTELLA %26 REDANKA, PARKS %26 WILSON, HECTOR ROMERO, DAVE SEAMAN, FUTURESHOCK, STEVE LAWLER, SANDER KLEINENBERG, VICTOR CALDERONE, SISTER BLISS, RUI DA SILVA, ENZO, BARRY GILBEY, JOHN CREAMER, KASEY TAYLOR, JUSTIN GARRETT, LEE BURRIDGE, DIFFERENT GEAR, MOOSE, KING UNIQUE, X-PRESS 2, ECHOMEN, ASHLEY CASSELLE. In 2003 FLASH started to work on his own tracks with other producer called FREZA. As a result of this collaboration they created many progressive house tracks including their remix on DEPECHE MODE - I Feel Loved. Today DJ FLASH %26 FREZA have 4 releases on vinyl. Tracks ALTAR, KALIMBA, AIR TRIP, CHANT and RITMIX were released on such well known labels as DORIGEN MUSIC, PLASTIC FANTASTIC, BAROQUE RECORDS and SOG CHROME In 2004 DJ Flash was voted 18 in the most prestigious Russian list "TOP 100 DJ's of Russia". The voting was happening from September to December 2004 on the respected Russian web portal DJ.RU. From August 2002 to April 2005 DJ Flash was a resident of Moscow dance club "Slava". From January 2006 FREZA %26 DJ FLASH are residents of station ( Every Monday from 18:00 till 21:00 (Moscow time) they present the 3-hour radio-show.

FREZA aka Anatoly Betskov is a 24 year old producer. He was born in Kharkov, Ukrain but since the age of 2 he lives in Moscow. When FREZA was 8 years old he got into the musical school to learn the piano and started producing his own dance music at the age of 15. First it was TRANCE, HOUSE, DISCO, JUNGLE and TECHNO. After graduating from a musical school in 1998 he got into the Moscow University of Electronics and Mathematics. Right about the same time he switched his approach to music production to a more professional one and started making originals and remixes and for Russian and some Germany pop-projects (Yuriy Shatunov, Reflex, Litsey, Super Maniacs (Germany), Boys In Blue and other). In November of 2003 FREZA & FLASH met each other on one of the parties. They immediately recognized similar music preferences and decided to join forces to create a few dance records together. As the result of this collaboration a number of progressive house tracks were produced. Among those is a remix on DEPECHE MODE I Feel Loved classic tune. Today FREZA & DJ FLASH have released tracks ALTAR, AIR TRIP, CHANT, KALIMBA and RITMIX with such labels as DORIGEN MUSIC, BAROQUE RECORDS and PLASTIC FANTASTIC. Track ALTAR was also remixed by the BUICK PROJECT. Today FREZA & DJ FLASH have one more signed track RITMIX which will be released in 2006 on SOG RECORDS including remix from STEVE MAY. From January 2006 FREZA & DJ FLASH are residents of station ( Every Monday from 18:00 till 21:00 (Moscow time) they present the 3-hour radio-show.

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