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Stefano Perera a.k.a Stefano (SL) is a DJ and an Electronic Music Producer based in Sri Lanka.
Being passionate about underground music since his early days Stefano started off his Journey in 2014. Learning and being guided by other influential DJ’s in the industry Stefano started experimenting in solitude, where he found his signature sounds in genres such as Progressive House, Melodic House and Techno, Deep House and Afro House.
Further to enhance his passion, Stefano joined Hit Factory in 2018 to learn from the best in the Industry about Electronic Music Production since then he has been keen in learning the art of music production and has managed to sign his music to various record labels in 2020.
Stefano also hosts the “ACID RAIN” radio show every month on TM Radio and Mixcloud where his unique style and the blend of Progressive music with his other passionate genres creates a groovy atmosphere towards his audience ensuring they feel the vibe and the energy in his music.

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Hosted show on TM Radio

Acid Rain

Airs Every 1st Friday
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