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Nicolas Garcia was born in the neighborhood of Parque Patricios Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 7, 1990.
At his young age I frequent nightclubs related to electronic music, listening to artists such as Danny Howells Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, references of his style.
His love for music led him to become a DJ and Producer.
In 2016 he released his first track on an album released by the label Suffused Music - Initializing, Vol. 11
In 2018 he edited for the record label Superordinate Music - Eastern Forest (Original Mix) among other works.
He currently leads a musical cycle called "Anesthesia"
of great repertoire in the south of the province of Buenos Aires.
Co-hosted show


Airs Every 1st Friday
Next Episode: May 1st, 9pm (in 3 weeks)
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