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Marco Chiesa, better known as Marco JS is an italian DJ/producer born in Milan in 1983.
The passion for music doesn't have any particular or precise starting point in his life; music has always been part of Marco's childhood since his parents used to play disco music, Pink Floyd, Queen, U2, Led Zeppelin, Carlo Santana - just to mention a few - 80's dance and early house music over and over.
The passion for dj-ing started quite early as well, since Innercity - Good Life was discovered by his father and played in his own car during week-ends trip; at that time, nobody, including him, were thinking about what that piece of music will become such a milestone and a pure breakthru into his own life and career; nobody of us, did know who was behind that project neither......

After playing over and over with cassette trying to mix in and out 70's, 80's and house music, in 1998 Marco finally saved some money to buy his first pair of turntables; honestly, money were not enough to buy a proper dj equipment (world famous "toys" Technics SL 1200) therefore, a pair of Stanton with traction belt were more than enough.
After couple of years, playing and practicing with those two new best friends,Marco, in 1998, had finally chance to play at friends house. It was the first time in front of people, and it was the first time playing with professional equipment such Technics SL 1200.... it was pretty much easier with these comparing his own traction belt turntables, so Marco had more time to create and select the music instead "wasting" time beatmatching.

His official debut was in 2002 in a small party across the north border, in Swiss to be precise.
After that year Marco had finally chances to play quite regularly in Italy and Swiss.
In 2007, Marco with two other friends founded the MSC Project (Midnightsun Connection) which the main focus was the weekly radio show on Totaal FM (Dutch Web Radio), bringing 2 hours of pure electronic music every Wednesday from 8PM to 10PM for about 3 years.
The MSC team decided to bring their own variegated sound "outside" the radio speakers and try establish a concrete series of event in Milan and North of Italy.
MSC, in the November 2007, became a residency night once at month at Kontagio Cafè (Crema) for one entire season.
Marco did bring, through the years, his own particular sound in various club and parties in Italy such Tunnel Club (Milan Italy), Humus Club (Biassono - Milan Italy), Question (Milan Italy), Revolver (Milan Italy), Lao Cafè (Castel San Pietro - Bologna Italy),Circle (Milan Italy), and once again abroad as well - De Ontmoeting (Oss - Eindhoven The Netherlands), Todo (Best - Eindhoven The Netherlands), Teasers (Amsterdam The Netherlands), Wiekontor (Maastricht The Netherlands), Eetkaffee 10 (Maastricht The Netherlands), Edd's Cafè (Maastricht The Netherlands), Muziekgieterij (Maastricht The Netherlands), D'n Hiemel (Maastricht The Netherlands), Inside Out (Liege Belgium), Cube (Dusseldorf Germany)

In 2008 Marco JS also started to produce; his first single "6AM", was rank 2 at the Trackitdown Techno Top 100 for 3 weeks. Since that time, Marco has released numerous tracks on various labels such Valvula (Brazil), Intuition (Portugal) Power Beat (Chile), Dark Shark, Dancing Moon, Bit To Bit (Spain) but nowadays more focussed on creating new sounds for DTT Records (NL).
Hosted show on TM Radio

The Dock At Night

Airs Every 4th Wednesday
Next Episode: December 22nd, 8pm (in 2 weeks)
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