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Recently, with the disappearance of the nightclubs in Quebec, a more personalized approach is put in place in order to gather event promoters, music producers and their fans. Despite the decline, music lovers are multiplying throughout the province.

Founder of the FB page “Clubbers of Quebec”, DJ Prisss has always been a great fan of electronic music. Well known in the region, but now recently throughout the province as dj, she is first noticed as the one who burns the dance floor evenings evening after evening. She could be seen at Dagobert when she is not at a party that welcomes a major headliner DJ playing Techno, Tech House or Minimal in a big club or in a room dedicated to the occasion.

As DJ, Prisss is now sharing her passion with you in a new form, as she grows wanting now to be the one that will make you dance. She has participated in Black Therapy and Undertek, as well as several big Underground events in the province.

She is unquestionably in the best position to find bassline and perfect beats to get you moving without restraint. Her technique and her influences are always evolving, because she is on the lookout for everything that happens and everything that is said in the great world of electronic music. She is also connected to some of the biggest names in Quebec’s techno scene, providing support and collaborations that will continue to amaze you.

Remember his name, hold that face, because you have not finished hearing or seeing DJ Prisss, because his passion has no limit.

-Dan Stringer

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Techno Maniacs-dp

Airs Every 3rd Friday
Next Episode: August 20th, 7pm (in 2 weeks)
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