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Since Quebec nightlife has been put on hold for a mandatory and extended period, a more personalized approach needs to be put in place by promoters and music producers in order to keep the interest of their fans alive. Despite the decline, music lovers are multiplying throughout the province. Founder of the FB page “Clubbers of Quebec”, DJ Prisss has always been a great fan of electronic music. Well known in her region, and most recently throughout the province as a Dj, she’s always the first you can see burning the dance floor evening after evening. If no other event has already been setup by clubs of renown or places dedicated for this purpose, hosting performance from Dj playing Techno, Tech House or Minimal, you will most certainly find her at Dagobert. With her numerous years of experience gathered on electro scene, she keeps making her technique better and better so she can transmit her infinite passion for music and share it with every fans on the dancefloor. She has participated in Black Therapy, Undertek and much more, and she produces a radio show hosted every month called Techno Maniacs-dp on TM-Radio. You will soon be able to see her performing in several big Underground events in the province.

Hosted show on TM Radio

Techno Maniacs-dp

Airs Every 3rd Friday
Next Episode: July 15th, 7pm (in 1 week)
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