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Nikola Drumski is DJ from Belgrade (Serbia) born in 1978. Started to DJ in 2010, with progressive and psychedelic trance music. After a few years, he started to be interested in underground music and some deep sounds, and that's where all the magic starts to happen.

His sets are a mix of progressive house, melodic techno and deep house, very often dark, rhythmic, and emotional. No set is similar to that of the previous one, but everything remains in the same spirit.

His first online appearance was on the online radio station DeepHouseParade Radio where he hosted radio show. Later the station changes its name to Cosmos Radio, and he becomes resident DJ. During that period, he met many producers whose music he liked to play, many DJs and other people who love the basically same music scene.

He was a guest on several radio stations, and he was always happy to cooperate with other DJs. There were really many interesting and great people in past and yet new friendships are coming, but two names that are impossible not to be mentioned in the story are Dirk Muller and Aglaia Rave. They actually changed the course of his career and showed him the right path. They are still good friends and supports each other constantly.

There is nothing more to be written, but sure there is yet what to be heard. Enjoy the upcoming radio shows, music is whats brings us together, that connect us. Stay underground!

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No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on March 9th, 2019 and new episodes were coming out until September 14th, 2019. A total of 7 episodes of Sounds Of The Underground has aired on TM Radio.
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