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Jhonatan Ghersi, is a Uruguayan Dj, born in Montevideo. From a young age he felt a great passion for music, but since his adolescence began to feel the curiosity to explore the electronic genre.

Begin to investigate the different styles within the genre and choice the progressive sounds.

Formed in the first instance with studies of the Dj ING with the Uruguayan Dj and producer Oscar Valdez, it is the beginning of a stage of professional preparation.

With the passage of time he decides to start creating his own music, forming his first self-taught knowledge, then with the Uruguayan DJ and producer Nicolas Silvano (Logiztik Sound) and a complementary workshop of electronic music with the renowned musician Emil Montgomery.
His musical references are the Dj producers such as Fernando Ferreyra, Lee Burridge, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Marc Marzenit, and Henry Zais among others, and always taking their taste to deep and melodic.

Although he has not had the possibility to be exposed outside of his country, he has had the possibility of presenting himself in several clubs of the country such as Ocean (Punta Del Este), Diablito (Punta Del Este), Soho (Punta Del Este), Kalu After Club (Montevideo) in which got a good call, among others, parties held with colleagues, private events both in the capital and in the rest of the country.
He begins his first releases as a producer in the record labels Mystic Carousel Record, Estribo Records y Electronic Tree,and others that will be released soon; having the support of Djs producers like Dj Ogawa (Smash -Frisky Radio), Fernando Ferreyra (Dreamers - Frisky Radio), Dj Borra (Skyline - DNA Radio), among others
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No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on February 16th, 2019 and new episodes were coming out until August 21st, 2021. A total of 31 episodes of Surreal has aired on TM Radio.
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