Based in Barcelona, Pedro Capelossi is a grown name in the underground progressive house scene worldwide.

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Based in Barcelona, Pedro Capelossi is a growing name in the underground progressive/deep house scene worldwide.

As a Producer Pedro's tracks counted with supports from names such as Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Eelke Kleijn, Pablo Bolívar, Matt Darrey, Roger Shah, Airwave just to name a few, and were released in important specialized labels such as Seven Villas, Sound Avenue, Yin Yang, Particles, Balkan Connection, 3rd Avenue, Modern Agenda, Stellar Fountain, The Purr, RYNTH, and many more.

As a DJ Pedro is a "Resident DJ" in the Valhalla project in Barcelona. In that amazing city Pedro is a rising name in some of the best parties, playing alongside names as Eelke Kleijn, Cid Inc, Dmitry Molosh, Navar, Soundexile, Marcelo Vasami, Mariano Mellino, Interaxxis, Nick Varon, and many more.

In Sao Paulo is responsible for two important nightlife projects on Brazilian home turf: UNIK ID, hosting artists like Nick Warren, Cid Inc and Darin Epsilon, as well as the PROGRESSION nights held at one of the most important clubs in Brazil, D-EDGE, supporting world-renowned guest artists.

Pedro's DJ performances focus on underground electronic music, especially progressive house, deep house, techno and downtempo. His versatility to move between different styles depending on audience and event, allows him to perform club gigs same as festivals.
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