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Styles: House, Iberican House, Tribal House, Vocal House, Tech House, Electro House, Electronic, Dance, Trance, Progressive, Remember Sound.

Profile: Edgar Cañete, one of the most popular DJ's of the Spanish House & Electro, started his DJ carrier in 1992 when he as 17 years old.

13 years ago his passion for music untied. In 1992 he gave in to his curiosity to learn to mix. He began his first works like a professional DJ taking residence at club Almacen in Avila, near of the capital of Spain, Madrid.

After club Almacen, began another residency at club Don Duende, a well known club also located in Avila. Shortly after club Don Duende, he landed another residency at a much larger club in a town near club Almacen, Paranoia After-Hour a popular local club.

Once he discovered his mixing talent and knowledge of how to choose music, he got involved with event production for large musical events, like the popular Disstorssion Parties, the Trilobyte Events,   the Tech-House Sense Underground, etc..

At the moment Edgar Cañete is establishing a world-wide network of promoters, producers and djs within the sector of the musical industry with the purpose of accentuating its presence in international events of great category. One of the first successes of this network is the finalized Bulgarian Tour ' 06, a tour through the best clubs of several cities of Bulgaria, clubs like Terra Dance Club, Masai Club, LifeHouse or Arrogance where in addition to Edgar, have played artists like Rick Pier ÓNeil (RPO), Steve Angello, Angel Moraes, Joeski, Grant Dell, Junior Sanchez, Peace Division, Johnny Fiasco, Tony Thomas, Mastik Soul, Dimas a.k.a. D- Formation, Simon & Shaker, Adolf Marsan o Julian Poker, David Penn, Dr. Kucho or Eric Entrena, to mention some.

At the moment, he maintains a clear desire for experimentation with new tribal and electro sounds and new approaches involving technology in music. Over the years, Edgar has created a well defined and very unique style: tribal house combined with vocals, best melodies and electro influences, though he is able to mix great set in any genre of music.

Regarding his musical preferences, he feels attraction from the percussive bases and melodic rhythms, using different techniques of mixing and effecting that are so stimulating to the vibe of the crowd!

Edgar has played with artists like Mark Broom, Pepo, Abel Ramos, Angel Sanchez, Wavesound, etc..


Paranoia (El Tiemblo - Spain)
Sala Tasmania (Madrid - Spain)
Ni fu ni Gas (Ávila - Spain)
SOHO (Madrid - Spain)
Copacabana (Ávila - Spain)
Extremo (Madrid)
Centro Cultural Villa de Madrid (Madrid – Spain)
Sala Birra (Madrid - Spain)
Club Balboa 37 (Madrid - Spain)
BackStage (Madrid - Spain)
Sala Boss (Madrid - Spain)
Sala Trylobyte (Madrid - Spain)
KM Benidorm (Benidorm – Spain)
Cava Madrid (Madrid - Spain)
Titter Club (Madrid - Spain)
Sala Underground (Madrid - Spain)
Discoteca La Crisis (Cebreros - Spain)
Sala Zenith (Madrid - Spain)
Sala Llago’s (Ciudad Real – Spain)
Sala Step (Mostoles - Spain)
Almarrap 2004 (Cáceres – Spain)
Cava Club (Alcorcón – Madrid)
Logam Festival 2004 (Cáceres – Spain)
Sala Pasión Huertas (Madrid – Spain)
Logam Festival 2005 (Cáceres – Spain)
Sala Pasion A. Martinez (Madrid – Spain)
Club Underground Vol II (Blagoevgrad – Bulgaria)
Terra Dance Club (Stara Zagora – Bulgaria)
Club Masai (Golden Sands – Bulgaria)
My Club (Sofia – Bulgaria)
Beaver Club (Saguenay – Canada)
Funky House After (Saguenay – Canada)
Club Arrogance (Varna – Bulgaria)
LifeHouse (Sofia – Bulgaria)
Colinas Club (Branca Alb A Velha – Portugal)
Infinity Club (Bitola - Macedonia)
Club 69 (Varna – Bulgaria)

Radio Stations Collaborations: Culture Dance @ Radiolamancha fm 107.0 , Pau radio show @ Radiotuning Radio , House Live Sets @ Turntables24.com radio show. Live Sets Global Dance @ Formula Hit 107.3 fm, Electroshock @ CAM RADIO 104.6. HPM Club @ Radio Vivir, Hibrido @ DanceLatinoamerica.com

Contact Info:
Edgar Cañete
C/ Povedilla Nº4 – 4ºG
28009 – Madrid - Spain
Tel +34 655 94 60 31
Fax +34 91 309 34 06
Email: info@DjEdgar.com
Web: www.DjEdgar.com
Participated in following show

Tribal Eclipse, 1 episode:

Bring the drums back (Nov 11, 2006)
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