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As the musical force behind Faithless, world-renowned DJ and record producer Sister Bliss needs no introduction. Together with iconic front man Maxi Jazz and producer Rollo Armstrong (brother of Dido), she formed Faithless: one of the most successful electronic acts to date.

In their career spanning nearly 20 years, the group released 7 albums (two at number 1), six top 10 singles and sold in excess of 15 million records worldwide.

In 2011, the group disbanded but Sister Bliss’ love affair with house music was far from over. As one of the few leading female house DJs in Britain she continues to headline some of the world’s leading clubs and festivals including residences at household names, Ministry of Sound, London and Space, Ibiza.

A gifted musician and composer she has also written music for film, TV and theatre. Credits include 2012ʼs film Knife Fight starring Rob Lowe, and directed by 2-times Oscar winner, Bill Guttentag, commissions for Sex & The City 2, Danny Boyleʼs The Beach, acclaimed British film The Hide, Crossing The Line and popular TV drama Life Begins.

For theatre, Bliss has written music for The Black Album and The Emperor Jones at The National Theatre in London, as well as composing an original piece for the London Sinfonietta, which was performed at Fuse Festival, UK.

In 2011, Sister Bliss toured with Faithless Sound System, a stripped-down version of the full act. She also collaborated with Example on his number-one album Playing In The Shadows.

Driven and inspired by her love for discovering new music through her radio show and DJ sets, 2013 saw Sister Bliss launch her own label: Junkdog Records. An outlet for signing new music she believes in, Junkdog already has a busy schedule of new artists and exclusive originals from the lady herself.

Sister Bliss is currently in the studio working on a number of new projects – more information will come later this year.

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