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Remy Salama, a.k.a. Remy S, born on June 27th 1987 in Cairo, Egypt. Started his music career at a very young age, as soon as he touched the piano at the age of six he knew this is what he likes. Music has been a huge role in his growing up. Many years later Andy Ef, his childhood friend, was playing in an event and thats when Remy found out that house music was not only a sound but a manner of living. Had his influences by many big names like Dj Tarkan, V-sag, Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, Paul Thomas, dPen and many others.

He thought why not start making the music he likes. Started mixing when he was in school with a fellow dj and friend (R.I.P.) where they were a respectable duo. Now only at the age of 19 with a couple of years left in his education, music is one of the most important factors in his life after his family and friends...

Now his main aim is to help the underprivileged ones, he is starting an organization with a couple of childhood friends that will help those who cannot hear, since music is the most appreciated aspect in life, he is trying to help those who are deprived of this special sense. As soon as he finishes his education the organization will start with making charity music events in different parts of the world to help those who cannot hear the music that is keeping the world united one beat at a time...

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