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Lounge Control VS Moloko 'Hasta La Victoria Siempre Time' (DS Edit) [N/A] LISTEN
Luke Walker 'Alias' (Danijel Savic 'Good Life' Edit) [N/A] LISTEN
Tomas Andersson 'Washing Up' (D.Savic VS Tiga 'Rock You Body' Edit) [N/A] LISTEN

Chris Lake 'Release' (Danijel Savic Edit) [N/A] LISTEN
Africanism All Stars 'Summer Moon' (Danijel Savic Breaks Edit) [N/A] LISTEN
Gorillaz 'Feel Good Inc' (Danijel Savic Breaks Edit) [N/A] LISTEN
Depeche Mode 'Enjoy The Silence' (Danijel Savic 'Enjoy The Acid' Edit) [N/A] LISTEN
Gorillaz 'Dare' (Danijel Savic VS Soulwax Edit) [N/A] LISTEN
Fischerspooner 'Never Win' (Danijel Savic VS Blackstrobe Edit) [N/A] LISTEN

*Most of Danijel's edits are performed live in his sets. if you want to play Danijel Savic's edits or bootlegs please contact him by e-mail. Samples are taken from Danijel Savic's mixes. Studio vesrions may vary in arangement/fx/mixing from what you've heard on sample.
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