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Philip Kirby currently lives in Sydney Australia but originates from south east London and born in August 1976. A sound engineer by trade and has been a DJ since the Acid House movement in the late eighties, early nineties enjoying appearances in local venues and party’s globally for many years.

Very passionate about most styles of electronic music he draws early influences from the likes of Eye Q, TIP, Dragonfly, Harthouse Record labels and artists like Banco De Gaia, more recently favouring Deep House and Progressive music admires artists such as Alex Vidal, Ewan Rill, Christian Monique, Ziger, Cid Inc & Quivver to name but a few.

Philip as always respects all the artists and listeners that have and still do make it a pleasure to enjoy, mix and share his passion for this music.
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TribalMixes presents, 5 episodes:

Liquid Night (Sep 08, 2017)
introducing Phil K (mix: Fear) (Feb 15, 2018)
introducing Phil K (mix: Source Code) (Feb 22, 2018)
introducing Phil K (mix: Eastern Tide) (Mar 01, 2018)
Phil'K -- New World (May 17, 2018)
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