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When support and feedback about someone comes from no others than: Sasha, Tiesto, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Anthony Pappa, G-Pal, Gabriel & Dresden, Flash Brothers, Mashtronic, is not necessary to say anything else.

Thist is what happened last years about Federico Epis, great feedback, big support and big reactions about his work as producer from some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry.

His most recent notable achievement has been the inclusion of one of his latest tracks called "Brasilia"which was featured on one of the most prestigious radio shows in the world (The Essential Selection on Radio 1, UK) in a special live set performed by the man himself DJ Sasha at Club Amnesia, Ibiza on August 11th 2007.

With his releases consistently being played by the worlds top djs, this latest achievement has continued to propel Federico to the next level.

Besides that, in only 4 years as producer he has signed more than 30 releases with an outstanding list of big labels like:

AudioTherapy (UK)

Swift Records (Greece)

Pure Substance Records (Malaysia)

Acute Recordings (USA)

Dubcoast Records (USA)

Fiberline Audio (USA)

Atlant Recordings (France)

Red Circle Recordings (USA)

Bellarine Recordings (Australia)

Aloud Recordings (USA)
Sirion Records (Austria)

Progrezo Records (Colombia)

Mestiza Records (Argentina)

Mushroom Records (Argentina)

Muzik XPress (Uruguay)

Lake Effect (USA)

Reticent Records (USA)

And most important of all, being required by several clubs around the world is something that is usual on this days, this take him to play in countries like USA, Mexico, Brazil, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay and others.

With a monthly residence at the most prestigous radio on the internet, Federico has a show called Sensations on Frisky Radio, where he was also nominated Artist of the Week in January 2006.

Some of the most well known DJs and key people in the Music Industry already said a lot about Federico, but maybe the most important and clear though about him is the one that came from one very well known man in this business:

This guy is getting hot lately

Randall Jones - Bedrock/Renaissance, USA

There is an up and coming dj/producer who is about to become very well known to the progressive house community on a world-wide level, his name is Federico Epis.

Jason Jollins - Acute Recordings, USA.
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Grand Opening (Sep 22, 2007)
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