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Hailing from Ensenada Baja California, Mexico, Rodrigo Espinoza’s understanding and appreciation for electronic music was sparked at an early age as he began collecting music from influential artists such as Depeche Mode, Erasure, and New Order, among others.
’94 marked the year when a tender, 14 year old, Espinoza decided to add his first pair of turntables to his personal vinyl collection. It was then when he realized his ability to mix music and quickly began to participate in small gigs that they were throughout the city.
Along his path, Rodrigo was obtaining recognition as he participated in Baja California events such as: Road Trip To Tijuana, Salsipuedes, Desertica, Sunset Trip, Progressive Waves, Chocolate Desert, Rumofest, Naza Space Circus and Biotech, to name a few, to which the stages were shared with artists such as: The Crystal Method, Sandra Collins, Lee Burrigde, Tommie Sunshine, Jeniffer Cardini, James Zabiela, Chris Fortier, Kazell, Andrew K, Numinous, Ben Camp, Randall Jones, Anthony Pappa, Luca Ricci, DJ Garth, Tini Tun, Gabriel Sordo, Karlos Elizondo, and many others.
In addition to his local performances, Rodrigo has played in several cities in and around Mexico including: Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara, Cabo San Lucas, Tijuana, Mexicali, Tecate and Ensenada.
In 2005, Rodrigo Espinoza joins Jordi Riera and Carlos Toscano as a member of Guadalajara’s VSM (Vinyl Science Management); a promotion company for DJ’s and Live Acts which holds a roster of personalities including: Austin Leeds (Bedrock Records), Martín Accorsi (Yoshitoshi Recordings), Jon Cowan (Renaissance) Bill Hamel (Sunkissed Records), Meat Katie (Kingsize Records), Pavillian & Zimbardo (Sondos Records, Distraekt, NRK), Innate (Baroque Records) among others, Also they offer the support to the producers to obtain artists of other companies.
Adding to a growing list of radio appearances, Rodrigo has been featured on shows such as: Proton Radio’s Electrofly hosted by Shiloh, Toes In The Sand hosted by Deviant, Unsound Logic hosted by Adam Nathan, Afterhours 99.1 FM (Lima- Peru), ADN Alternative (Argentina), Beatbox Radio (Argentina), Underground Sounds Radio (Los Angeles), Frisky Radio’s Sensations hosted by Federico Epis, Quimika Sessions hosted by Federico Giust, Club246 Radio (Canada), Beat Radio on DLA (Argentina) and Australia’s ITM FM Showcase.
On top of his own website, he is also a major contributor to the industry as the founder of Plur FM, one of the biggest online communities for Baja California Mexico, which is dedicated solely to the promotion of the electronic scene.
As an innovative and forward thinking artist, he is one which promotes growth as his visions are undoubtedly reflected in his accomplishments, which is why Rodrigo Espinoza will be a name you'll be hearing a lot more of in the future.

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