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Chris Bau is born in 1978 in Plovdiv/Bulgaria.
Hes engaged with music since 1994. In 1997 he leaves for the Czech Republic
and soon he starts to work as a resident in Liquid Club.
He has been a special guest in the most renowned night clubs in Czech:
Roxy Club, Meca, Cristal House, Industry 55, Tsunami, Babylon, Ibiza Night and others.
Since 2001 he launches a residential night in Max Club / Polsha,
where he starts to invite foreign renowned djs. The same he does in Ten Club / Germany.
In 2003 he returns in Bulgaria and becomes resident of Plazma Club. In 2006 resident of club Hazard

Chris Bau has been playing at parties along with djs, such as:
World dj:
Alekz (USA), Bob Sinclair (Fr), Dave Angel (UK), Wally Lopez (Spain),
Christian Fisher (DE) ,Jorge (Cz), Daiff Cooker (Crystalhouse), Jaymod (Cz),
Dj Yver (Cz), Chris Sadler (UK), LaDida (Cz), Manush (Sw), Little Lui (SK), Lion(Serbia),
Gurol (Turkey), Gunai (Turkey), Tom Baker(UK), Dan Coley (UK), Drahota(Cz),
Peter Holman aka Holmi (Clubber.Sound), Greic Hepson (UK), Easy (Cz), Craig Hepson (UK),
Noname (Cz), Frigo (Cz) ...
Bg dj:
Balthazar, JackRock, Eura, Mike D, Quest, Stenly, Versus, Smooke,Nrg Dj Team, Vesselin, Wonder,
Ivo, Twister, Groove, Ivan, Wave,Todd, Tonny, El Greco, Slaev, Kristian, Bobby, Paul, Max,
Stass Nikolov, Doncho, Gabriel, Gagalove,Alex Scott, Dian,Kenny k, Double D, Dimo, Deep George,
Georgio B, Fosi, Marcel, Go Fourthy, Mosquito, Thunder, Drummer, Paxx, Ilko, Vinyl, Mavri,
Streetrock, Joy, Maker, Rossen, Xpnd, Nick ko, Nic ...

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Airs Every last Thursday
Next Episode: September 28th, 6pm (in 4 days)
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Bulgarian Dream, 1 episode:

Episode 012 (Oct 16, 2012)
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