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Anton Bogdanov (DJ Bogdan) was born on 16th of July in Nizhniy Tagil, Russia. From an early age it was clear that only the music & its mystique infinity was truly deliver full satisfaction and soul balance. An interest to the dance electronic music was born in 1998. His musical taste formed into progressive underground sounding owing to such DJ`s and composers as : Sasha , Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Martin Garcia, Dave Seaman, Danny Howells , 16 Bit Lolitas , G- Pal , Stefan K , John Creamer, Simon Latham , Lemon8, Echomen,Tarkan, Chus,Ceballos etc .
Anton was living with the thought that he want to be a DJ. His first travel to musical shop to buy vinil was in 2003. At the beginning of 2004 he started his DJ career on private parties.
In 2005-2006 DJ Bogdan was a resident in Autoban club (Ekaterinburg) ,
in 2006-2007 he was a resident in Insomnia club (Nizhniy Tagil), was a frequent guest in Ludovick club (Neftekamsk).
In 2010-2012 DJ Bogdan worked like a resident, art-director in closed(private) club Transerfers.com (Ekaterinburg).
In 2012 - art-director in night club BAR UV (Ekaterinburg).
In 2013-…. –resident in summer club POSH (Ekaterinburg).
In 2013-…. – resident in White House Bar & Dance Hall . Anton is a partner of promo group ••°• DO YOU T R I B A L? •°••


email: djbogdanov@icloud.com
Hosted show on TM Radio


Airs Every 4th Wednesday
Next Episode: July 25th, 4pm (in 1 day)
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