Kostas White DJ Profile Picture
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Kostas White was born in 1978 in Athens,Greece

He was interested in music ever since he can remember,he expressed his love for music from bands like Pink Floyd,Camel,Eloy were a great influence on him

At the age of 20 he started DJing in clubs like Mirroir,City Groove
His style is very diverse from progressive house/deep house/tech house/techno

At this moment he play at small clubs and pubs
He has also presented his dj sets as a guest and host at several internet radio stations, such as TM Radio,Frisky,Bangee FM

You can follow on soundcloud
Hosted show on TM Radio

Deeper Stories

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on November 5th, 2013 and new episodes were coming out until December 2nd, 2014. A total of 14 episodes of Deeper Stories has aired on TM Radio.
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