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Romeo was born Mexico. In search of a better way of life, his family moved to the burning city of Phoenix right after Romeo was born. Growing up Romeo listened to the cliché sounds of the 80’s, like all teenagers of the Generation X did. Romeo was unaware that the whole way he looked at music and what he listened to was about to change and change for good. At the impressionable age of 15, Romeo and some friends made their way to a warehouse party. The doors swung open and the addicting sounds and constant four on floor beat of House music came rushing out. That’s all it took. Just like an addict, he was hooked. However, the needle Romeo was chasing, was the needle of a turntable and the energy it produced when it’s set on top of some “white label” vinyl. It was then that he knew he was destined to be an Electronic Music DJ.

Romeo started DJ’ing House music at the age of 15. But it wasn’t until the goodbye teenage year of 19, that he was introduced to the sounds of Progressive House and Trance. This genre and style of Electronic Music would solidify Romeo’s alter ego as a DJ and take him on a lifetime exploration to the dark side of his musical personality. The darker genres of Progressive House and Trance would be his weapons of choice, as he was about to embark on this journey. Since that first introduction to the darker side of Electronic Music, Romeo has never looked back.

Romeo started on vinyl, like all the great DJs of Electronic Music did. The skill of mixing vinyl made him a technical mixer. The art of keeping the flow of the mix and allowing it to consume the listener with it’s ebb and flow, is Romeo’s strong point and makes him a true mixologist. Taking the listener in and out of their subconscious, on a mental journey to the cerebral sounds of dark Progressive House and Trance was Romeo’s hidden talent.

Romeo has now moved on to the next part of his musical journey, producing. Staying true to his style and sound, he has begun work on his first dark Progressive House style track. Shooting for a release date in early 2014, his first track will definitely maintain course and allow the listener to see what is inside his head, as he travels down the road into the second part of his dark Progressive life.

Romeo can be found traveling the dark underground roads on his current radio show Introspective, the first and third Monday of every month on TM- He has also been invited to do guest spot on,,, and DI radio.

His Influences came from artists like Markus Schulz, John Digweed, Sasha, and Hernan Cattaneo.
Hosted show on TM Radio


No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on June 3rd, 2013 and new episodes were coming out until April 3rd, 2017. A total of 50 episodes of Introspective has aired on TM Radio.
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