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Newly transplanted after a decade in the Miami DJ scene, Josh Wetherington is quickly putting down roots in the Denver dance music community. A wizard in both the studio and behind the decks, he has been a longtime staple in the Miami/South Florida DJ culture hosting The Positive Progression Sessions radio show for over eight years, as well as performing at numerous clubs, festivals, and events across the United States.

Being recognized on an international level for both his production and DJ skills, Josh was chosen as Ultra Music Festivalís DJ/Producer Spotlight Contest winner for 2009, and has been on a success streak ever since.

2010 saw the debut of Joshís artist album, Dawn Breaks The Ego, on Sheeva Records and he is consistently releasing original tracks and remixes on labels like Nervine Records, Xela Digital, Biatch Corp Recordings, Letís Beat Milo Records, Modern Beat Digital, and Waska Records.

Whether heís rocking the decks at Ultra Music Festival in Miami or getting dirty underground at clubs like Asylum in Honolulu, Josh always delivers a set straight from the heart, soul, and sweat that is true dance music. With uniquely re-engineered edits and cleverly layered, acappelas and melodies, his sets are as dance floor pleasing as they are unpredictable.

Booking Information:

Hosted show on TM Radio

Positive Progression Sessions

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on June 19th, 2012 and new episodes were coming out until September 18th, 2012. A total of 8 episodes of Positive Progression Sessions has aired on TM Radio.
Participated in following shows

PHLYT, 2 episodes:

with Christpher James (Aug 07, 2012)
Episode (Aug 07, 2012)
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