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Jordan Petrof was born in 1978 in Macedonia. He has been passionate about electronic dance music from an early age. Since then, over the last 15 years Joce has been a performer with a zeal to create something different. His work has been inspired by artists such as Prodigy, Orbital, Underworld, FSOL, The Orb, Jean Michel Jarre, Laurent Garnier, John Digweed,Hernan Cattaneo,Guy J and many others which have had an impact in his work. With the growing underground scene, some of the artists he appreciates are Stanisha Krstic, Ivan Nikusev,Wav-e, Agressor, Fernando Ferreyra,Stefan Djordjevic, Darin Epsilon,Franzis D, Hector Sawiak, Oliver Petkovski, German Clemente... His style is mainly drawn towards Deep Progressive Underground, and currently he is a resident dj with several monthly radio shows on Insomniafm, TM Radio,PureFM. And not to forget, Joce has also been contributing greatly in supporting upcoming underground artists of today and serving the community.
Hosted show on TM Radio

Sacred Habitat

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on August 11th, 2012 and new episodes were coming out until May 11th, 2019. A total of 82 episodes of Sacred Habitat has aired on TM Radio.
Participated in following shows

Time Differences, 4 episodes:

Episode (May 20, 2012)
030 with LoQuai (Jun 17, 2012)
Episode 39 (Aug 19, 2012)
Episode 056 (Dec 16, 2012)

Under The Influence, 1 episode:

Grand Opening (May 28, 2017)
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