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Ish Timelessness, real name is Tatiana, born September 14, 1989 at the edge of the Earth in the far north of the city of Naryan-Mar n, Russia.
From early childhood, it is electronic music at a time when all the kids listened to Russian and Ukrainian folklore. With 5 years of listening to Tanya Progressive, Trance, Techno ... Creative nature of it, too, began to emerge from childhood, even in kindergarten she organized performances, drawing pictures, having learned to write started writing poetry in school music teacher forced her to go to choir and music electives seeing in it a potential musician and vocalist .. Plunging into the club culture more deeply, decided to promote their favorite style of music, which is in Ukraine on the wretched level of understanding and progress. She took up DJing is not for glory, but in order to give people music as food for the mind, body and soul. In the sets she likes to mix different styles mystified and progressive sound. Ish Timelessness - real musical witch. Each set of sends the listener on a journey through the corners of his own consciousness, awakening the hidden and repressed emotions and desires.

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Esoteric Frequencies, 1 episode:

Gifts of the Desert (Jan 03, 2012)
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