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Born 1980 in Stuttgart (Germany), Steffen Baumgart alias Brian Laruso has already amounted to much as a DJ and a musician at his age of 25 years. In the meantime he ranks amongst the selected DJs and producers, who release their tracks on Tiestos Label “Blackhole”. After „Shah & Laruso pres. Global Experience – Tennessee / Dakar“ there came the second single which was released in june: Shah & Laruso pres. Global Experience – “Zanzibar / San Salvador“. The track “Zanzibar” is on Tiestos “In Search Of Sunrise 05” compilation on april, 25th!!! In the meantime Shah & Laruso are working at their Global Experience Album which will be out in 2007.

Shah & Laruso just finished their Global Experience remix for Tiesto´s new single Dance For Life feat. Maxi Jazz from Faithless! They also remixed Mark Norman feat. Celine – Colour My Eyes and Johan Gielen´s new single Revelations!!!

Brians current solosingle „Independent Groove“ was out in march as an E.P. on the new and upcoming label Label „Magic Island Records – Music for Balearic People“.

He continuously presents his own radio show „Independent Groove“ on the internet:
- each 3rd tuesday on DI.FM
- each 3rd sunday on ETN.FM
- each 2nd and 4th monday on Tribalmixes Radio

As a DJ Brian Laruso provides a global house-sound with diverse influences of different styles of electronic music. With a lot of fun and joy he sends the people for a global music-trip, that always keeps being interesting and where you’ll never know, where it leads you to stylistically.

In april Brian spinned the turntables e.g. in Poland, in may in Istanbul and there´ll follow much more gigs... In between he solely is in the studio to produce some new tracks for the high-quality labels all over the world.
There will be a lot to hear of Brian Laruso and his music productions.

Hosted show on TM Radio

Independent Groove

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on November 13th, 2006 and new episodes were coming out until May 20th, 2013. A total of 85 episodes of Independent Groove has aired on TM Radio.
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