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I've been enthusiastic about the electronic musics since my childhood.
I used to collect Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode songs.
I was making copies from cassettes for my pals.
Later, i started going out with my friends to the legendary Fortuna Dance Café on saturday nights in Budapest,
I felt that the electronic music was really close to me.
Some years went by, and I've always tried to obtain the freshest house music.
I kept those songs for myself only, hearing them and something.
After all because the extended version of tracks only begin after 1-2 minutes of intro (introduction), and the end downbeats are also 1-2 minutes long, I felt after listening to them for so many times, that in this manner of listening the experience is not real. These songs were made to be mixed up. A real experience is given and received at its largest then! I have listened many renowned DJ-s mixes. It made me realize that many tracks are not fit to my taste. After that I have mixed my first own Dj set. (I am fanatic according to some people)

Well, I would like to share these mixes the rest of the electronic music fan.
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