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Stratos Deep Dark was born in 1984 in Greece. He started getting interested in music at the age of 14 and started getting addicted to Progressive House at that time as well. In 2000 he moved to Kavala and got himself into Progressive Melodic House with Deep Dark Tribal And Vocal Elements. The Global Underground Series was a great start for him. In 2003 he Saw The Dj Moshic Live in Kavala and after that day Moshic has inspired Stratos Deep Dark up until now. Stratos DeepDark has also been inspired by great DJs & Producers such as Kintar,Rezo,Domased Electronica,Hypnotic Duo,Robert K and many others.He has played music at local Clubs. The first big support came from Rezo and Robert K which are very good friends of his. He is still serving this style Of Deep Dark Underground Progressive with extreme diligence.
Co-hosted show

Liturgy of Darkness

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on November 16th, 2010 and new episodes were coming out until June 17th, 2014. A total of 42 episodes of Liturgy of Darkness has aired on TM Radio.
Participated in following shows

TribalMixes presents, 2 episodes:

The Power Of Faith (Jul 31, 2011)
Betelgeuse: The Alpha of Orion (Aug 22, 2011)
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