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Laurent aka Airwave is absolutely not a newcomer in the club scene, despite his young age. Back in 1997 he released his first releases on the infamous Bonzai Records Label, leading him to work with the label’s finest artists.

Airwave being his most precious solo-project, he decided in 2000 to play as a dj under this profile/name. His countless productions under 35 different aliases (Airwave, Body shock, Cape Town, Planisphere, Fire & Ice, Nova, The Green Martian, Lolo, Cloud 69, Meridian, and many, many others) got him plays by the biggest dj’s on this planet, including DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Sasha, John Digweed, Chris Fortier, Dave Seaman, Seb Fontaine, name them!! His versatility in the studio lets him create decent music for virtually any dj in any style, although Laurent focuses on Progressive Trance nowadays, but he is also capable of making banging techno music or chillout tracks without any issue.

That altogether with many licenses for dance compilations including Global Underground, Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound Trance Nation, Godskitchen, and many dj compilations including Tiesto’s magik series, Armin van Buuren’s A state of Trance, Markus Schulz’s Coldharbour Sessions, made of him one of the most respected artists of today’s club scene, all over the world. So much respect from his fellow colleagues, led him to collaborate with several artists, including Armin van Buuren (2 artist tracks), Tiesto (2 remixes for “In my memory”), M.I.K.E aka Push, Judge Jules (remix job), and lately Markus Schulz, Above and Beyond, Andy Moor and many, many others...

In 2001, Airwave’s DJ career took off with several gigs in the uk’s finest clubs, including Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Slinky, and many other clubs worldwide afterwards, in countries like Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, South Africa, too many to mention!! All that with his very first Airwave album “I want to Believe” that was released at the end of 2002.

Nowadays, Laurent has become the co-owner of the Bonzai/Banshee label. After 10 years of hard working as an artist, this was more than a logical move. Meanwhile he has also started a webradio residency on DI prog channels on a monthly base, which lets him share his taste for decent music with the rest of the world.

2005 remains Airwave’s year of all changes, as he’s now just dropped the use of vinyl or cd decks and the so-called “DJ” label for a totally new show concept combining many of his abilities as a musician.

“Playing good music wasn’t just good enough for me” he says, “I want to get to the next step, embrace all the technology I can get, I want to use 100% of what I am able of when appearing in public, and see if I can have this club scene make a giant leap into the 21st century. Vinyl is so 70’s, cd is so 80’s, it’s about time to come with a big revolution in dance music, because this scene really needs a kick in the ...”.

So, 2005 and the greater of 2006 is definitely going to be a year full of surprises from the man himself, who won’t stop taking your breath away!! With a brand new concept in performing, and a lot of stuff coming up next, it shouldn’t be long until you hear this guy play next door! Say hello to Airwave!!
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