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Stashuk (real name: Stan Shatkin) has always been a big fan of music - listening to anything from Pink Floyd to Wu Tang Clan, from Victor Tsoi to Sasha & Digweed, from Coldplay to Danny Tenaglia. He was especially influenced by the rapid rise of the underground music scene in New York City which peaked during the famous Sasha and Digweed residency at Twilo. Those were the times of exploration, understanding and appreciation.

At that time Stashuk started playing around with a piece of music software called "Rebirth". Appropriately enough it was a "rebirth" of his musical expression, which pushed him to start sharing his music with others. One of these people was a promoter by the name of Daniel Yarovoy. The two started sharing ideas and organizing dance music parties in an NYC venue called The Nightingale Lounge.

Soon after Daniel realized that there was a need to let Stashuk and other DJs/Producers share their music with the rest of the world, and created a record label under the name of "Polarlight Records". The first release was a compilation called "Soul Reflection", named after one of Stashuk's three tracks included on the CD.

DJ gigs followed, with Stashuk spinning in many NYC clubs and lounges (Limelight, Mansion, Sullivan Room, Float, Guesthouse, The Big 5th, The Place, Ava, and others). Making good industry contacts along the way started to bring in more gigs in NYC, Chicago with KGBeats crew, and Miami for the Winter Music Conference. In the meantime Stashuk continued his hard work in the studio.

In July, 2008, "Optimystic" - Stashuk's debut artist album was released on Polarlight Records.

Up to date Stashuk's music has been featured on 5 CDs, a feature film, a TV cable show and a radio show. 2010 finds Stashuk spending time in the studio working on original material as well as continuing to DJ around NYC.
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GRAND OPENING!!!! (Mar 26, 2010)
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