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Da-Niel was born in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. He grew up in a musician family, music infected him in his early years, as his grandfather was a violin creator. His sister was a Michael Jackson fan, she bombed him with Jackos hits and decorated their common room with fans posters all over. When he was a kid he listened to rock and softer melodies when he was playing, he discovered the message of the musics and its effect on other people. Electronic music has become popular in the middle 90s in Hungary. His LP collection on to the top of the shelf was replaced by live mix cassettes recorded from radio. He was eager to consume the new style of music, sitting fanatically in front of his Hi-fi. In about 1998 he started to play techno, house and whatever he liked. At first he played in smaller clubs and hops, and in some more popular clubs later. When he listened to Sashas GU Ibiza, it influenced his style. Since 2002 he started to organize parties, then he founded Sputnik project with his friend Amethyst, which has become successful nowadays. Some djs who he has played with on these parties: Andro, Snake Sedrick, Yvel & Tristan, Add 2 Basket, Chriss, Monkz, Shootie, Kühl, Slam Jr, etc. Other promoters picked up on his talent and he got a chance to play at some partys as a warm-up dj. Furthermore he played in different radios and net radios (Proton, Justmusic.fm). His style has constantly been shaping over the past years and he got familiar with many styles: deep, minimal and break, electro, and even tech can be found in his huge musical selection. His plans for the future are making music and to have many many gigs all over Hungary.
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