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Atanas Panicharski (aka Nubian) was born on June 2 1984 in Blagoevgrad/Bulgaria. In his early years he was obsessed
with the sounds of electronic music which still remains his passion for 15 years now.At the age of 11 he gets familiar
with the music of Underworld, Future Sounds Of London and Moby and starts collecting only electronic music which wasn't
that popular at that time in Bulgaria.
But since 1997 this music became more and more popular in Bulgaria and that moment was the beginning of a series of big events all over the country.
In 1999 after his first party Nubian gets obsessed with another style that was spreading at that time - TECHNO.
As he has sympathy for ancient cultures it's not hard to guess which style appeals to him the most - TRIBAL TECHNO, mostly tracks
with ethno motives which gave him later his artistic alias. After visiting a most of the biggest clubs and parties all over
the country in 2002 just for fun Nubian decides to go in for music.Later that time he learns thoroughly moslty software
and as a result he makes his first mix. His friends supported him and gave him the advice to keep up the good work because
they saw his potential and he had to make use of it.
After 6 years of wandering and insecurity he finally gets more serious with his intentions to music. On 8 July 2008 he starts his
first serious project - TRIBAL THEORY (inspired by one of his favorite releases by Simon Digby - Tribal Theory[Bush 1092]).
Thanks to TRIBAL THEORY and the name Nubian start spreading around.
After tribalmixes launch their own radio station on 11 November 2008 they start their first radio show with Nubian - TRIBULLUS.
Together with Biontek and Bo B for a year guests like Kike Mayor, Tamer Fouda, Andy Notalez, Niaz Arca, Engin Ozturk, Massi & De Leon and
even Dj Tarkan which is very popular in Bulgaria took part in the show.
On 19 October 2009 thanks to Slash - founder of was the start of a new show with Nubian - INTENSE SESSIONS (project with Biontek).
Definitely Intense Sessions was more successful than TRIBULLUS, but as all good things this one has come to an end too.
With 13 episodes aired INTENSE SESSIONS remains in history with guests like Atlantic Tribe, Jose Del Valle, Glender, Will Beats, Nanowave and Aber.
Soon Nubian is thinking of another project which won't be less interesting than the others so far.


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Co-hosted show

Intense Sessions

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on October 12th, 2009 and new episodes were coming out until April 12th, 2010. A total of 13 episodes of Intense Sessions has aired on TM Radio.
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Pro Elements, 1 episode:

Episode 003 (Feb 16, 2010) 5th Anniversary Celebration, 1 episode:

Guesting: Mehmetcan YILDIZ, Amir NASHAAT, BREETH & (May 06, 2010)
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