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2009 had a busy start for Thomas Gold, with his first single of the year, a collaboration with Matthias Menck, “Everybody Be Somebody” topping the international charts. Thomas’ success continued when his anthemic remix of “Delerium’s” classic “Silence” dominated the Beatport chart and picked up the coveted Beatport Music Award for “Best Progressive House Track”.

Thomas’ flawless talent as a producer has resulted in a string of massively successful single releases: “DonĄt You Want Me”, “Everybody Be Somebody”, “Losing My Religion” to name but a few.

His undeniable skill as a remixer has also seen him remix tracks for massive artists like Erick Morillo, Paul van Dyk, Roger Sanchez, Ian Carey, Antoine Clamaran, Alex Gaudino, Laurent Wolf and Peter Gelderblom.

With this strength and quantity of material its no wonder Thomas has gained such a massive following amongst discerning clubbers, Labels and other DJs. His tracks are hot property with Axwell, TV Rock, Syke`N Sugarstarr, D.O.N.S., Dabruck & Klein, Stonebridge, Pete Tong and DBN all counting themselves as fans of his work.

Thomas has recently closed the deal with renowned UK label CR2 for his new production in collaboration with Lee Cabrera, a new and fresh version of one of the biggest Ibiza anthems ever – “Shake It“! –So rest assured his next single is already in the pipeline ...

Always finding innovative and exciting ways to develop tracks, this talented and musically gifted producer’s music is filled with energy, soul and strength. Thomas’ deep devotion to music started early in life: by the age of 7 he had learnt to play the keyboard. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Creative production skills, pioneering mixing talent and the interesting fusion of house and electro styles are why so many international labels are interested in this exciting artist, amongst others: CR2 (UK), Ministry of Sound (UK), Positiva (UK), Nero / Joia (Sweden), Vendetta (Spain), Cyber & Scorpio (France), Time (Italy), Ministry of Sound (Australia), Universal (USA), Egoiste (Switzerland).

The magic you hear in his productions is just as evident in his DJ sets. The earthshaking basslines and cutting edge electro house beats tear apart clubs throughout the world as Thomas’ intuition sets dancefloors on fire and keeps the crowd rocking ‘til the early hours.

So what gives Thomas the drive to work day and night the studio until the track is tight?
“The greatest thing, is to see and feel the vibrations when I first play a track to an audience. Spinning my latest stuff and watching from the DJ booth as the crowd get excited and begin to go crazy gives me an amazing feeling that words can’t describe! That’s what pushes me!“

Thomas is constantly travelling around the world with his unique and distinctive “Golden TG Set“, playing is own productions and remixes. After a busy 2008, touring through Brazil, Indonesia and Australia, 2009 started with an impressive show at Queen, Paris where Thomas celebrated his birthday, followed by hot DJ sets in Miami and across Europe, tours through Canada and Brazil.

It goes without saying that Thomas Gold is spinning in all of the hottest places around the world; Queen and Mix Club in Paris, Pacha in London, The Week in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, Fabrique in Moscow, Circus in Montreal, Peter Pan in Riccione, Passage in Vienna, Grodan and Solidaritet in Stockholm, Tank in Sydney, and of course on the white island, Ibiza, where he played at El Divino, Space and Privilege. Not forgetting the German venues, especially his residency at Munich’s finest house club “8 Seasons”. Alongside all Thomas’ live gigs, he also finds the time to do his weekly radio show on famous Radio FG / Paris every Friday Night !!!

From the stamps in his passport it’s easy to see that Thomas Gold is growing as an international success and looks set to go from strength to strength.



Lee Cabrera vs. Thomas Gold – Shake It (Move A Little Closer) (CR2 (UK), 2009)
Thomas Gold & Matthias Menck - Everybody (Incentive (UK), Scorpio (F), MoS (DE), 2009)

Thomas Gold & Eddie Cabrera - Losing My Religion (Nero (SE), MoS (DE) 2008)
Thomas Gold feat. Amanda Wilson - Something’s Gotta Give (S2G (DE), 2008)
Thomas Gold & Montana Express - To My Beat (Haiti Groove, 2008)
Smax + Gold - House Arrest (Selected Works, 2008)

Gold & Diaz feat. Y. Rebels - Open Sesame (Blanco Y Negro (ES), Net's Work (I), Musica Diaz (DE), 2007)
Wawa + Thomas Gold - Latin Thing (Haiti Groove, 2007)
Wawa vs. Ortega & Gold - No Problem 2007 (S2G, 2007)
Gold & Diaz feat. Y. Rebels - Don’t You Want Me (Joia/Cyber, 2007)
Ortega & Gold - Miracle (Houseworks, 2007)
Gold, Smax & Gogh - You Don’t Own Me (Selected Works, 2007)
Thomas Gold - Rescue me (Houseworks, 2007)
Houzecrushers - Touch Me (EMI UK, 2007)

Thomas Gold vs. Level K - Animal Love (Houseworks/VIP, 2006)
Smax & Gold - Fake The Feeling/Cruzified (Selected Works, 2006)
V+S feat. Thomas Gold - Dirty Games (Tipsy/Boss Rec., 2006)
Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold - Tribal EP 1 (Egoiste, 2006)

Thomas Gold pres. Antolini & Moreno - Don’t Know Anybody (Houseworks, 2006)
Thomas Gold & Chriss Ortega - Hypnotised (Houseworks, 2005)
Eric Smax & Thomas Gold - S_Punk / Our Roots (Vendetta (ES), Selected Works (DE), 2005)


Erick Morillo vs Richard Grey – Say The Word (Thomas Gold Mix, 2009)
Nari & Milani feat. Max C. - Let It Rain (Thomas Gold Mix, 2009)
Antoine Clamaran - Reach For The Star (Thomas Gold Mix, 2009)
Ian Carey - SOS (Thomas Gold Mix, 2009)
Platnum – Trippin` (Thomas Gold Mix, 2009)
Hott 22 - Wicked Games (Thomas Gold Mix, 2009)
Jay C - Multiply (Thomas Gold Mix, 2009)
Tommy Vee, Roy Malone & CeCe Rogers - Stay/La Serenissima (Thomas Gold Mix, 2009)
Alex Gaudino - I'm A DJ (Thomas Gold Mix, 2009)
Josh Jackson - Givin The World To You (Thomas Gold Mix, 2009)

Antoine Clamaran - Gold (Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)
Delerium - Silence (NvG vs. Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)
DB Boulevard - You're The One (Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)
The Viron - Wanna Be Happy (Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)
CYB - Now (Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)
Laurent Wolf - No Stress (Ortega & Gold Mix, 2008)
Kaz James - Breathe (Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)
Mario Ochoa - Amazing (Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)
Asteroids - The Sun Ain't Shining No More (Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)
All American Rejects - Wind Blows (Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)
Arias - Twelve (Ortega & Gold Mix, 2008)
Morgan Page - Call My Name (Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)
Flash Republic - Star (Thomas Gold Mix, 2008)

Mark Brown - For The Journey (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
H2O - What's it Gonna Be (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Emanuel ft. Mc Call - Gotta Get Through (Smax+Gold Mix, 2007)
Altar feat. Amannda - Sound Of Your Voice (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Filo & Perry - Anthem (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Noir - FM (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Peter Gelderblom - Waiting 4 (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
T2 - Heartbroken (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Dab Hands - Supergood (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Booty Luv - Don’t Mess With My Man (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Shiny Toy Guns - Don’t Cry Out (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Jody Watley - I Want Your Love (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Robbie Rivera - Aye Aye Aye (Ortega & Gold Mix, 2007)
Just Jack - Writer’s Block (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Freaks - The Creeps (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Nicole Otero - Sunshine Song (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Jim Tonique & Patrick Bryze - Better World (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
DJ Dan - Needle Damage (Ortega & Gold Mix, 2007)
Hott 22 ft. Bonnie Bailey - No Promises (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)
Degrees Of Motion - Do You Want It Right Now (Smax+Gold Mix, 2007)
Client - Drive (Thomas Gold Mix, 2007)

Reza - There Is Power (Thomas Gold Mix, 2006)
Francesco Diaz ft. B. Ferrer - Life Is Too Short (Thomas Gold Mix, 2006)
Niels van Gogh - Pulverturm 2.0 (Smax & Gold Mix, 2006)
Atrium - In Love With You (Smax + Gold Mix, 2006)
Stonebridge - SOS (Ortega & Gold Mix, 2006)
Gabi Newman - Under Pressure (Ortega & Gold Mix, 2006)
Mischa Daniels - Run Away (Ortega & Gold Mix, 2006)
Sunkids feat. Chance - Rise Up (Thomas Gold Mix, 2006)
Patrick Alavi - Goldbass (Thomas Gold Mix, 2006)
Ian Carey - Say What You Want (Smax+Gold Mix, 2006)
Martijn Ten Velden - Bleep (Ortega & Gold Mix, 2006)
X-Static - I’m Standing (Thomas Gold Mix, 2006)
Strike - U Sure Do (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Mix, 2006)
M-Factor aka Bobby Blanco - Open Your Eyes (Gold & Smax Remix, 2006)
S&M Project - One Man (Thomas Gold Mix, 2006)
Soulseekers - Party For The Weekend (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Mix, 2006)
Francesco Diaz& Young Rebels - Ibiza 2006 (Thomas Gold Mix, 2006)
The Sharp Boys - I Dance U Dance (Gold & Smax Mix, 2006)

Roger Sanchez feat. GTO - Turn On The Music (Ortega & Gold Remix, 2005)
Frank Savaro - No Stoppin’ (Thomas Gold Remix, 2005)
Openair feat. Gramma Funk - Hi Roller/This Music (Thomas Gold Mix, 2005)


One Love (Australia, 2008)
DJ Series - Thomas Gold (2008)

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