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Steven Baan, in the music scene better known as Estiva, was born in 1987 in a small town called Reeuwijk located in the Netherlands. At a very young age Steven fell in love with melodic trancemusic inspired by the summer. Hearing music from compilations as “In Search Of Sunrise” by Tiesto, made him want to create this kind of music also. His producing skills were improving and early 2006 the wish to get his own music out in the world became reality. His dream debute came with the release of his Stella EP. This record, released by Enhanced Recordings, was picked up by the biggest DJ’s in the world such as Armin van Buuren. This encouraged Steven to keep on doing his thing in music. From that day on he was determined to show the world his creativeness in music. It was early 2008 when Tiesto got his hands on Estiva's collaboration with his friend Marninx 'Casa Grande'. A dream came true when Tiesto decided to put this track on "In Search of Sunrise 7". With his latest Strawberry Fields EP getting the likes of Tiesto and number one dj Armin van Buuren the succes story continues..


[Enhanced Recordings, UK]
1. Strawberry Fields 2. Fame (Master Series Edit) 3. Fake Snake 4. Fame

[Enhanced Recordings, UK]
A1. Stella B1. Tears Like Rain B2. Everlasting Memories

ESTIVA - Clouds Dissolve
[8Seasons Records, NL]
1. Original Mix 2. Sebastian Brandt's Zela Remix

ESTIVA Vs. Marninx
[DeepBlue Records, UK]
B1. Casa Grande

Will Holland Vs. Six Senses - Franctic
[Enhanced Recordings, UK]
B2. Estiva Pres. SUNOVER Remix

Marninx - Aire Azul
[Enhanced Recordings, UK]
B2. Estiva Pres. SUNOVER Remix

Supuer - Minerva
[Enhanced Recordings, UK]
2. ESTIVA Remix

Miikka Leinonen - Shadow Hearts
[Alter Ego, UK]
2. ESTIVA Remix

Hi-Jackers Space - I Can Feel
[Well Mixed Records, RO]
4. ESTIVA Remix

Defiance – Between Sea And Sky
[Fourty-5/Bonzai Music, BE]
2. ESTIVA Remix

GYALA - Silver Rain
[Real Music, US]
1. Original Mix 2. Hawk Remix

Kimito Lopez Pres. Black Plastic - Illusions
[Real Music, US]
2. GYALA Remix

Ian Holing - Wake Up
[Real Music, US]
4. GYALA Dub Mix

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