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Born in Alexandria , Egypt in 1988 , Kareem Gamel though the years discovered the love for music at a very early age a few years later he came across the electronic dance music genre during 2004 , The discovery of the genre who brought it to his attention was well known electronic artists such as Tiesto , Paul van Dyk , Andy Moor at the start of his interest into the genre he was infleunced in so many ways during this time his lift it brought a part of him into what he is to this current day.

A Few months later after discovering the Electronic Music Genre his interest for the genre became increasingly active discovering even more artists such as Hernan Catteneo , Sasha , John Digweed and Nick warren , the DJs that inspired him.

His taste for Electronic Music was evolving into a much more underground sound which eventually lead to the progressive form of Electronic Music which lead to him to develop mixing tracks in 2007 he tought himself on how to mix with his own efforts and his own talent.

With loads of support from people which pushed him to continue in that field, didn't use the help of the others ,and finally he felt he was ready to experience to do live sets and mixes on some radio show "Feel the music".

Then later came along his first radio show on Tribalmixes radio "Session of Progression" , and then eventually moved to the ETN Radio Network to bring his show " Melodic Obsessions " he also got mentioned that he is one of the fastest growing DJs in the scene and motivated by some big names on the progressive house field like Darin Epsilon , Daniel Portman , Flash Brothers and Ben Coda and supported by the biggest Egyptian DJ, Khaled hussein , and Kareem Gamal is currently managing Khaled Hussein's label "Groove Industry Recordings" ... Kareem Gamal is very ambitious and hard-working ,so expect alot from this young guy ;)
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Session of Progression

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on April 15th, 2009 and new episodes were coming out until July 21st, 2010. A total of 13 episodes of Session of Progression has aired on TM Radio.
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TribalMixes presents, 2 episodes:

Special Christmas Mix (Jan 06, 2010)
Special Christmas Mix - House (Jan 08, 2010)
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