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          Amr el hariry,born in cairo egypt intrested in diffrent music geners by the age of 7.But favourite music was that containing loud beats and fast rythems.later on at the age of 12 became a loyal fan to Electronic music with all its diffrent geners.But what had the first place between diffrent electronic styles was Trance music,as Djs like Tiesto,paul van Dyk,Oakenfauld,and later on Armin van buuren had great inthusiasm on increasing his madness with trance.Later on started listening to The new music genere called House,Got affected with its sexy And diffrent styles of mixing between diffrent music rythems and sexy Beats,And then began to listen to people like Guetta,sinclair,thomas gold and sebsatian leger,But loved Robbie rivera's wild talnet of mixing diffrent instruments into house music.And began building talent upon these basics and under inspiration of these people.
          First time on a mixing set was At 16 years old in university party,then the idea of becoming a Dj got alot in to his mind,he became making sets for tracks of other Djs,then had some mashups of his own.lately after introducing himself on the screen as guest mix on diffrent shows,had his Own show by the name of " The Heartbeat Sessions"
Hosted show on TM Radio

The Heartbeat Sessions

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on March 9th, 2009 and new episodes were coming out until March 7th, 2011. A total of 51 episodes of The Heartbeat Sessions has aired on TM Radio.
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