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Ira Ange is an upcoming vocalist and musician from Russia. She started singing in a faraway childhood. She used to take part in different city musical competitions, take prize-winning places and sing in theatres and the State philharmonic society. Having attained her majority and her taste forming Ira decided to devote herself to electronic club music, particularly to progressive and trance music. In 2006 she becomes acquainted with Deep Process project and makes several tracks with them, which later sound in many local clubs. After that she decides to go on working on club tracks. In 2007 she meets Yura Kolomiytsev (Python project) and makes several tracks with him, which have great success. Later Yura introduces Ange to N-shade, with whom she makes díníb track, and some foreing producers like Xplore, Downkill, AndrewS, Alex Costa, Carlo Calabro and many others. In 2008 she gets acquainted with Invisible Sounds and Dmitry Stepanov and makes tracks with them. There are several releases signed already on such labels as Pure Substance, Carica Records, Neuroscience Deep, Elektrofone Records and Shah Music. At present time Ange has signed the contract with Carica Records group and become official vocalist of Carica Records labels. Now Ira has a lot of plans and pleasant work over new tracks. Among her plans there are: the record of her solo album in 2010 and live performances in clubs progressive and trance music formats. Ange works with different producers and adds by this some variety in the integrity of her sounding. Now Ira is seriously keen on Dj art, she makes her own mixes, she hostes her own radio show on radio and isnít going to stop on the reached.
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Episode 060 (Dec 07, 2008)
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