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djmoodyis today quoted as one of the most upcoming dance acts in india.Throughout his fourteen career in dance music, djmoody has maintain a uncommon position of being a dj and producer .who is respected equally in both crafts.                                                                                                             But this is no fluke years of hard work, an unbending dedication to his art, and uncommonly versatile talent yielded a career .music is a journey. With a hunger to move to the other level, he is spending more time into production and collaboration currently with a few well established local DJs to create signature sounds of his own.                                                                                                       At the present time, he is working on his first full album and he hopes it will be released by the summer of 2009. He has been playing in clubs all over and is hosting regular radio shows in all over the country .DJ Moody, the pioneer of house music and also known as the Legend of Tribal Progressive House in India. “Dark, filthy and befitting any big room you’d trek miles out of town to on the unholy side of 3am, nevertheless, if there’s one thing that stands out about djmoody, it’s his crazy level of confidence – he looks like he was born behind the decks. His powerful pounding house and mind-bending progressive and techno selections as “raw, dirty and fresh”, which goes to show where determination can get you..
Hosted show on TM Radio

Bombay Elektrik Project

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on November 8th, 2008 and new episodes were coming out until May 23rd, 2009. A total of 12 episodes of Bombay Elektrik Project has aired on TM Radio.
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