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Sound Keepers - is young and talented duo, which with each daytime all
more take the turns. All happened 1 March 2008, when two men Ivan
Zholobov and Oleg Neroslavsky, loving music and thinking in one
direction have solved to unite their own efforts for moving its music
and have delivered the purpose to bring it to each person in the

The Heart of the group and its dj-image is Ivan Zholobov. Due to love
to hard rhythm and drive, his sets - a cocktail from hard sawing sound
electro-trance track, positive uplifting trance, nucleus sound techno
and dilutes all this heavy hard trance tracks.

The Second participant of the duo is Oleg Neroslavskiy, music soul and
idea-maker. This is very irreplaceable person, who does each
appearance of the project inimitable and the individual. All due to
music education, which helps to Oleg to use the synthesizers, on which
he not only performs the tracks of the project, but also improvises
during appearance.

Presently, the common efforts boys created own, discriminating sound,
this possible judges not only, on words participant of the project
themselves: We try to back out of standard harmonic turn, using
different music chords and intermodulations, in combination with
beautiful melodics, doing our work heard and inimitable . The Tracks
of the russian duo use popularity, both on russian, and on world
arena. They emerge with guest-mixes on different radio stations. Also
took place opening their own raiod-show Night Traffic on Tribal mixes
radio (USA), where boys present listener best dance music (Listen
radio-show you may each 1 and monday 3 new month in 01:00 (Moscow) on


Icq: 418211005

Hosted show on TM Radio

Night Traffic

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on October 6th, 2008 and new episodes were coming out until December 1st, 2008. A total of 5 episodes of Night Traffic has aired on TM Radio.
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