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Born in Arad,Romania,Ovidiu Adrian started mixing 3-4 years ago but made amazing progress like no other dj.He played at very important radio's such as DI.FM,DanceRadio Greece,Pure.FM,TribalMixes Radio and some radio's in his country.He is seen as a big hope in romanian progressive-techo scene and surely in a couple more years he will reach the top.His style ranges everywhere between progressive,dark progressive,melodic techno,deephouse.His career was influenced by names like Hernan Cattaneo,Martin Garcia,Sasha,Gerardo Boscarino,John Creamer,Eelke Kleijn,Gabriel & Dresden,Adi Dumitra.
He currently has a show on TribalMixes Radio( tribalmixes.org) called "Feeling Sessions" wich is played every 1st and 3rd thursday of the month.In this first year of the show he tried to promote many romanian dj's,he had guestmixes made by:Thornado(from OK Corral),Robyn Mass(from NoiDoi),Robbie Jay,Elless,Moving Elements,NTFO.In 2009 the show will be featuring some great names from other countries too,like Argentina,Hungary and USA.He has a unique style of making his shows,you will here sometimes very dark progressive sets and sometimes very pozitive sets depeding on his emotional state,but he will always bring you to a new level in self knowledge.
Plaing in clubs like:Sahara,Renaissance,Soho,Nefertiti,Moskeea,Marquise,Chaos,The Stage;got him plaing with great dj's like:Rosario Internullo,GIC,Emil Lassaria,Belloca etc.
He also owns (with a couple of dj's from his city),a party brand called Arad Clubbing Events.These parties are very aprreciated and they always have a big crowd.
Producing is a very important part of being a dj so he struggles to make some great tracks,probably some of them are going to be released in 2009

Public ID:dj_ovidiu_adrian

email: dj_ovidiu_adrian@yahoo.com
Hosted show on TM Radio

Feeling Sessions

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on July 17th, 2008 and new episodes were coming out until December 3rd, 2009. A total of 27 episodes of Feeling Sessions has aired on TM Radio.
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