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Alexei is Russian DJ and producer mostly known by his music works for X-Universe games (X2-The Threat, X3-The Reunion). Totally self musically educated he always had an unappeasable hunger for all forms of sound expression. In the year of 12 he started his way of understanding electronic music basics and now he already built a little home studio with all needed hardware to compose record and master any kind of tunes. Alexei tried himself in lots of different music genres: from nu-metal to trance, new age and even neo-classical pieces that was recorded with classical orchestra. As a musician he also has several releases on European labels like: Bonzai and its sublabels, Akustika and MPFS. Alexei is working at several projects at the moment with a bit djing and making live performances with live musicians on stage beside him. Be assure, it is only the beginning and soon you’ll hear more of his music!

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Episode 055 (Jul 06, 2008)
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