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King Unique are one of the most influential dance production/DJ outfits of the past 10 years, and now the legends that are Matthew Roberts & Matt Thomas have an important announcement to make...

Baby got back catalogue...

Between 2001 and 2006 King Unique released a number of rather legendary vinyls on rather legendary house label Junior (aka Junior Boys Own / JBO). Now in 2008 they’re at it again on their own Curfew imprint…

Following hard on the heels of their latest single “Yohkoh” King Unique are bringing some of their classic tracks back to the future. “After eight years of remixing everybody else’s records we decided to let a few of our favourite producers take a shot at one of ours,” says Matt Thomas, “and then the idea just sort of snowballed…”

Snowballed indeed, into an avalanche of old and new KU material. From an initial idea of a simple “Sugarhigh” remix package the plan has grown to encompass a complete online release of all KU’s pre-digital offerings recorded on the Junior label - accompanied by no less than three new tracks and three remix packages of the back catalogue.

First of the new tracks is “Hinode”, a tune inspired by Tokyo superclub Yellow. Just like the club, “Hinode” is all about squirming, twisting techy bass-lines and heavy beats – until the sci-fi electronics and space-rock synths start pouring out of the speakers. Backing up the original is an exceptional remix from their favourite producer of ‘08, new-improved-techno Fergie. Already getting plays from the likes of Digweed, Dubfire, Lawler, Bodzin, Tresher and Howells “Hinode” will be released on Curfew in early May.

Lending their considerable talents to the back catalogue remix project are minimal genius Gui Boratto; old Junior label-mate turned superstar DJ Nic Fanciulli; and rising new talent Sennh, who deliver three wildly diverse techno flavoured remakes of KU’s 2002 Essential New Tune “Sugarhigh”. Other names confirmed for subsequent remixes include Paolo Mojo and that man Fergie again, who are getting their hands dirty with “Dirty”. Aah yeah J

As well as the new remixes the entire King Unique JBO back catalogue, (along with a number of previously unreleased tracks, B-sides and DJ tools) will be available online for the first time this summer, through King Unique’s own Curfew label. All the original masters have been carefully dusted down and then re-mastered through a bunch of plug-ins that KU wished they’d had in the first place… The result is a couple of hours of pure undiluted club bombs exactly as they sound in the KU studio. From the debut dark-room anthem “Dirty” to the soaring prog classic “Sugarhigh” and all stylistic points in between, KU’s Junior releases were characterized by the relentless search for new beats, sonics and killer vocal samples. Just check out the cut & paste mash-up of “Music Please”, the proto electro-house blueprint “Lighters”, the siren/stomp of “Flashing Lights” and the techno-jungle hybrid “Curfew Time”. The entire KU JBO back catalogue will be released from June onwards through the summer on Curfew.
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