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Fine Taste is a young house music duo from The Netherlands, formed by super talented producers Freek Geuze and Johan Vermeulen. The project was launched at the start of 2006 after the guys decided that they should bundle their forces on electronic music production.

In the course of 2006 Johan entered the studio together with Freek, with the main objective to produce dance floor orientated house music, the style they both liked. Soon after, the guys finished some great new tracks under their 'Fine Taste' guise, which were immediately picked up by top labels Flow Vinyl (Portugal) and Baroque Records (UK); a kickstart to the project. Encouraged by these developments, they were now determined to make even better music and to prove that these first successes were not just a flash in the pan. Two months after signing the first deals, Freek and Johan yet again finished two cracking new tracks. This time they were signed by top house music label Extrema Records (Netherlands), which confirmed their high standard of music production.

Right now, both Johan and Freek are in their early twenties and still improving their production abilities every day, so it's clear that this is just the start. With a lot of killer productions in the pipeline and the start of dj'ing activities coming up, Fine Taste is definitely a project to watch out for in the nearby future.
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