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Patrick Kroft (aka DJ Z) has been producing and remixing for over 10 years. The craving for seamless, continuous mixes led him into the DJ world in 2003. His favorite form of mixing is with multiple DJs simultaneously on multiple tables and decks. Patrick’s love of electronic music began with the peak of the 80s break dancing scene. His tastes in EDM have evolved from 80s electrofunk/techno/pop to his love for trance, tribal & progressive house.

Some of Patrick’s favorite gear for production is his Roland MC-505. When it comes to building his DJ sets, “I take an un-godly number of hours looking for new music. I’m very picky about the tracks and still can’t really put a name to my style - I like lush, dark, stylish, and dirty textures.”

When the DJ comes out, he rocks the house with his Pioneer DJM-400 mixer, Pioneer CDJ-200 and Gemini Hybrid Turntable CDT-05. Most of his sets are a mix of vinyl and CD where he mixes back and forth between the turntable and CDJ on every other song.

In 2005, he started broadcasting live on internet radio & was born (formerly He started the station to fill his need for continuous trance/tribal sets 24/7. The station showcases his mix sets with occasional guest DJ mixes. Live on-air DJ mixes are the highlight of the programming.

Lastly, you can find his music on podcasts and YouTube. The podcasts typically update after each new mix. His mastery of video production have allowed him to put his mixes to video for YouTube. He describes his video vignettes: “The hardest part is coming up with the theme. When that hits me, I do a massive internet search for clips. Then I just arrange them to the favorite 10 minutes of the mix.”

You’ll find him on MySpace, Facebook, and MSN Live.
Hosted show on TM Radio

Mind Over Music

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on May 18th, 2008 and new episodes were coming out until May 18th, 2008. This show had only 1 episode.
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