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The 26 year old young man got in serious touch with the turntables and the dj-ing in 1999. Before, at the age of 15 he played in a small band the guitars, the drums and the keyboards too. (which was needed at the moment :) Later he was hooked on chicago house and early dubby techno soundz, and started to collect cassettes and vinyls. In the beginnings he played techno, house, tribal, epic-house tracks, but nowadays we can find from nujazz through deep & chicago house to fresh minimal funk and hypnotic techhouse soundz in his sets. In 2001 he was the winner of the Check Magazine bedroom dj contest and earned the second place at Red Bull Master Of Music dj championship 2004 from the 317 competitors! Since 2002 he’s a resident dj at ROXY CLUB Café and was the editor and broadcaster at ALISCA GROOVE 91.1FM radio from 2002 to 2004. His own parties called *audio delight* are successful and beloved all over the country in the underground house scene. Along with Gergely Tar, they have a unique live set with percussions, decks, FX and sometimes live vocalists. Belong this he tours the whole country and europe with his dj sets. Played at Hungary’s best clubs, events and at abroad too: Club Korona Kecel, Home Club, Privé Club, Sensation, Dokk, Barokkó Club & Lounge, Sziget 2005, Strictly! yacht 1 & 2, Vigado Bar, Erdos Buli Kecskemét 2001, 2004, 2005, BclubPécs, Debut Yacht, Elektrokueche-Cologne/Germany, Boccaccio Pécs, Flört Siófok, Born2Dance open air, Secret Fusion Open Air, Roxy Club Café, Atlas Club, Volt Festival Sopron, MokkaCuka, Abaliget-Barlang Bar, Kudos Beach Mamaia Romania, Baja Ramszesz, Meadow party, Oscar Club Romania-Cluj Napoca, Garden Open air Baja, Madison Harkány, Upside Down BP, BP Parádé Atlas Club kamion 2000, Baja Fonix Club, Manhattan Kiskunfélegyháza, Made Inn - Royal VIP club, Akasztó Stadler bar, Club No Name- Timisoara-Romania, Mohács-Elektrik café, TV Torony-Pécs, Aranypart Hotel-Dombori, Dombori Beach Motel, Monitor Live! @ Gödöllö Arborétum, Rolling Rock Cafe, and lots of private parties, house paarayz, open air movements... Radios: Alisca Groove, Balaton Radio, Gong Radio Kecskemét, Fortuna Paks, Tilos.Hu and frequent guest at He played with almost all hungarian house djs like Doxa, Junkie, Hawky, Pöli, Surprise, Garfield, Güntar, James Cole, Pat Duff, Shabaam, Kühl, Chriss, SlamJr, Dandy, Pedro, Candyman, Forteba, FromP60, Garay, Lank, Madox, Budai, Snake Sedrick, Add2Basket, Blazee, Blatti, Monkz, Muzzaik, Moonline, Marcelo Mas, DobosTomi, Mannel, Tofa, Blackman and many more... and with foreign djs like: Eddie Richards, Spirit Catcher, Soul Mates, Phonique, Marcus James, Audiofly, Manuel Tur, Gerwin Kante, Kool, Funk D’Void, Marco Nastic, Justin Drake, Ashley Caselle ... Nowadays he is producing music at his own studio. Watch out for JaffaSurfa! He’s a real vinyl junkie and has a very enviable record collection.
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