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Ioneanu Cristian a.k.a ICN was born in 1988 in Romania.His pasion for electronic music started in the late 90's when he discovered the sounds of Fatboy Slim,John Digweed,Sasha,Victor Calderone, The Prodigy and others.He always thought that electronik musiv made people feel free ..."it's the most complex music i have listened too..you never get bored of it...always there is some new producer or old one that u didn't know about and bangs your head with some rare track."
Electronik music became a hobby for him in 2004 when he attended an ATB gig at Kristal Summer Club(Mamaia-Romania).After that he slowly started to gather up tracks and set to hear and learn all there is to know.
The step to learning the basics about mixing came to him when he met Dj Topo.."i was so amazed of what Topo did @ Pasha Club the whay he mixed the tracks togheter , love with which he played the dark/tribal/progressive genres that i couldn't help myself and started to be more an more intrested in dj-ing..for me he is the in the top 5 Romanian dj chart"

His music preferences went through different genres such as progressive trance,tribal, chill out that hepled him to find his taste in music.Now he has setteled to deep house, jackin, chicago house("i adore house , it's a part of me and always will be"), minimal house,tehno and tech house..but he also love the tribal vibes and and tracks that have a sweet percution to them...all in all House/Tehno with minimal and tribal influences.

To name a few of his favourite producers we cand start with Livio & Roby(Romania),Dj Topo(Romania)Dan Andrei(Romania) ,the ARPIAR(RO) Label realeses and a bungh of international producers the likes of Kreon,J Caprice,Robag Wruhme,Mathias Kaden,Martinez,Miguel Migs,Mr G,Andre Crom, Mood II Swings,Pascal F.E.O.S and others...

He has a radio show ..one Tribalmixes Radio called Boundaries(every 3rd Sunday at 9pm GMT) and another wayting to be confirmed at InsomniaFM(www.insomniafm.com).
In 2009 he plans to realese his firs EP.


                                                                                                             e-mail adress: Cristiss22@yahoo.com   
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No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on March 15th, 2009 and new episodes were coming out until July 2nd, 2012. A total of 13 episodes of Boundaries has aired on TM Radio.
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